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Temat: Fraudulent site- please shut down[Pnb 1443] Domain:godisgood
in preventing or terminating online activity that targets, or may target Punjab National Bank ’s clients as potential fraud victims. RSA has been made aware that your company appears to be providing internet services to a website, which is making unauthorized use of Punjab National Bank’s trademarks. This site http://godisgood.cba.pl/joker.php not only violates Punjab National Bank’s copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights, but may also become a host to a phishing attack, or other fraudulent scams directed against Punjab National Bank and Punjab National Bank’s clients. The fraudulent website not only represents a misappropriation of Punjab National Bank ’s intellectual property; its purpose is to mislead Punjab National Bank’s clients. Our experience has shown that such sites become a host of phishing* and other fraudulent scams against our customer’s account holders. Please take all necessary steps to immediately shut down the fraudulent website, terminate its availability on the Internet and discontinue the transmission of ... INC. RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center Tel: +44 (0)800-032-7751 (UK) Tel: +1-866-408-7525 (US) EU Fax: +972-9-9728101 US Fax: +1-212-208-4644 E-mail: afcc@rsasecurity.com Punjab National Bank Information: Name: Mr. V.K.Goel. - Chief Manager Address: Punjab National Bank, Head Office, Law Division, 7 Bhikhaji Cama Place, New Delhi Telephone Number: +91 11 26196451 E-mail: law@pnb.co.in *”Phishing" generally refers to a variety of web based scams that ... or banking account passwords. Once these account holder credentials are collected they can then be used to commit wire fraud or other similar activities of a criminal nature 98
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